Loser: think like losers

I have been mulling over a pithy blog about the Irish high end housing community that is being proposed for, I believe, the Elgin area.

As I pondered what to say, my mind flashed back to a series of conversations I have had over the years with senior government officials – elected but also as high as the DM of ED&T (the precursor to BNB). All of these cases involved the official saying “why would company x ever want to locate in New Brunswick” or “we can’t compete with jurisdiction x” or “that type of industry would never locate here” and on and on and on. I came to the morbid conclusion that many of our ‘leaders’ at least at the time did not believe in New Brunswick. Did not believe that we could compete – for auto plants – for telecom plants – for IT studios -for big budget movies -for blah blah blah. They said they were just being realistic. Pragmatic. Practical.

Look around folks. This is where this attitude has gotten us. The number one source of revenue for the New Brunswick government – by far and increasing – is Equalization. The #1 source. In the past 10 years, population has dropped 1996-2006. Net out-migration for 14 straight years.

Where am I going with this?

To little old Elgin, New Brunswick. That’s where.

A high roller real estate developer does due diligence on a site in New Brunswick and is convinced that it could become a residential cluster for European and HNW North Americans. These types of residential clusters can be found all over North America. They are typically located in somewhat isolated locations – by design.

This project, as I understand, wanted no government assistance. Nada. The developer is to pay market rates for the land.

As massive project – big investment in New Brunswick. Jobs, high profile for the province.

But certain people are ‘skeptical’. The early media reports were downright hostile. The government – needed because there is crown land in the mix – is hedging.

What do you want to bet this developers telephone is ringing. From Nova Scotia. Quebec. Others. Jursidictions that actually give a rip.

Losers think like losers. I am sorry. I am usually a little more nuanced in my language but I don’t care. Losers think like losers.

Who friggin’ gives a rip if this developer is a complete scam? It’s no skin off anyone’s teeth. Take a friggin’ chance. Believe in New Brunswick, for once.