I’ll take one hearty Newfie over 100 snooty Victorians any day

The Victoria Time-Colonist has a penchant for running absolutely stupid commentaries on the subject of Atlantic Canada.

This guy, obviously a couple of cans short of a six pack, suggests a link between that whacko that killed his kids in Newfoundland to the economic problems in Atlantic Canada. You might need a password to view this, so here’s the nub of his point:

Poverty is not an excuse to murder children, but it is a tremendous negative factor. When it afflicts an entire community, as it does in many parts of the East Coast, it is easy for people to lose hope that things might get better.

That, my friends, is what happens when over-educated, dope smoking, bloated pseudo-intellectuals have too much time on their hands and use it to muse about Newfoundland.

The murder rate in British Columbia has been 2-3 times higher than in Newfoundland over the past five years.

I guess it must be all that poverty on Vancouver Island. Or maybe that savagely poor Kelowna. Or that downtrodden Revelstoke.

As for the Newfies losing hope, this guy might want to put down the dope for a while and take WestJet to the Rock. They are a hearty bunch. Their self-rated mental health is considerably better than those poor devils in B.C. Don’t take my word for it, here’s the raw data from Statistics Canada:

I don’t know about you but I’d take one Newfoundlander over 100 of those condescending Victorians who barely bother to look beyond their noses before making snap judgements.

Vive le Danny Williams.