Window of opportunity

I tend to go a hundred miles an hour when in Moncton so these little vacations allow for reflection.

And also some bad habits like whipping out the old music from the 1980s (mostly these days I just follow the old fogie model of listening to the CBC). It’s a bit tricky these days because I have to ‘rip’ the CDs and put them on my MP3 player but even old fogies can adjust to technology.

So I have ripped my Simple Minds Live in the City of Lights two CD set and savoured its great sounds and lyrics. There was a window there – mid 1980s – when Simple Minds was almost as big as U2 (around the time of The Unforgettable Fire) and then poof, dead.

What happened? I’ll leave it to musicologists but like economic development the formula for success in the music biz is not easily defined. It’s a fluid thing. It has a lemmings element to it. (I remember how hard it was to attract the first call centre to New Brunswick and by the early 2000s you couldn’t beat them away with a stick – same thing in Ireland). But like the myth of the lemming, there are mythical attributes of successful economic development and making it in the music biz.

Just a thought.

Back to bed. Cripes it’s only 5:30 am out here and I have been up 1.5 hours already….