Tying incentives to a minimum level of wages

I came across this article about a New Brunswick firm building a manufacturing facility in rural North Carolina. Millenium Marine has benefited from ACOA and I believe provincial government grants here as well.

But what caught my interest was the wage levels. The company will pay over $29,000/year as an average salary for workers in rural NC.

The incentives were predicated on the company paying above the average county wage rate.

I hope they are paying $29,000 annual salary in Escuminac, NB.

03/05/2007 08:22:25 AM EST
US States News

RALEIGH, N.C., Feb. 28 — Gov. Mike Easley, D-N.C., issued the following press release:

Gov. Mike Easley today announced that Millennium Marine USA will open a facility in Chowan County, creating 38 jobs and investing $1.5 million during the next three years. The announcement was made possible in part by a $75,000 One North Carolina Fund grant. “There are more than 100 boat building companies employing some 25,000 people in North Carolina,” Easley said. “This is an important industry in our state and we will continue to make the necessary investments in workforce development and education to attract growing companies.” Millennium Marine USA is a subsidiary of Millennium Marine of Escuminac, New Brunswick, Canada and will build commercial and recreational fishing boats at a manufacturing plant in Edenton. While wages will vary by job function, the average weekly wage of the new jobs will be $558 plus benefits, which exceeds the county wage standard of $461 not including benefits.