Here’s the thing…..

At least one person finds it a tad funny that New Brunswick’s government budget has increased more or less at the same rate as Ontario over the past five years despite the fact that Ontario added 750,000 people (larger than New Brunswick’s total population) while NB’s population remained the same.

That person would be me.

I realize that smaller provinces have different cost structures (lack of scale, etc.) and that the ruralness of NB supposedly costs more. But there’s a couple of points of interest here.

1) The Lord government firmly positioned itself as fiscally conservative. Does it make sense that they were so fiscally conservative looking at these numbers?

2) Eventually if the budget keeps rising in New Brunswick and the population declines, something will have to give.

3) Do you think that the voters of Ontario will continue to see the fairness of government spending more in New Brunswick (a have not) than in Ontario (a have)?

Comparing Provincial Budgets

Source: Provincial budget statistics for 2001 and 2006.