Al Hogan’s Crusoe syndrome knows no bounds

I have said many times that Al Hogan’s attempts to isolate Moncton from what’s going on elsewhere in New Brunswick has been deliberate and cynical. At a time when Moncton should be standing up and playing a leading role in the Maritimes as an urban growth centre, he is systematically attempting to isolate his readership from understanding that Moncton future is completely tied to the province’s future and vice versa.

Now he’s attacking – full bore – the IWK children’s hospital in Halifax suggesting that that organization’s attempts to raise funds in New Brunswick is like, and I quote “Using sick kids to scam N.B.”

Never mind that the IWK children’s hospital treats hundreds of NB kids each year. Never mind that in its very charter it is a regional (i.e. Atlantic) institution. Never mind that there are New Brunswickers on the IWK board.

For Al, it isn’t in Moncton – so it’s to be shunned.


Of course, people have every right to donate to local hospital campaigns – and should. They can personally decide to choose a local project over the IWK. Sure.

But for Al to use the kind of invective here – the kind he usually saves for Saint John or Moncton Council – is just plain wrong.

He is an impediment to Moncton’s growth. He is an impediment to Moncton playing it’s role as a regional urban centre – fully connected and cooperative with the rest of the Maritimes.

His goal is an isolated, backwards small municipality clinging to everything it can get and lashing out in anger when it doesn’t get its way.

In fact, a spoiled child is exactly what Al’s vision is for Moncton.

I used to say that a strong Mayor ends up as the personification of a community as he/she is the public face.

I hope that this is not the case for a newspaper editor. If Moncton takes on Al Hogan’s face, we are all in deep doo doo.