Civil service cuts coming?

A blogger called “The Trenchcoat” said yesterday that Shawn Graham is poised to announce a 10% staff reduction. This is said to be achieved through both early retirement offers and terminations of employment.

Of course, Trenchcoat is another anonymous blogger who’s mandate is “Exposing what the Shawn Graham government doesn’t want New Brunswickers to know.”

Nothing about this in the MSM this AM (after a quick scan). I have no real comment on this because I have no idea if the swivel service is too small, too large or just right. I know on a per capita basis the NB government has one of the highest percentages of civil servants per capita in Canada – but that has been since the 1960s.

The Blues won the battle of the bloggers in the last couple of national elections, but as I said before, I think the Libs won – slightly – the battle of the blogs in New Brunswick.

I think political parties would be well advised to ensure they have a foot in this channel.