Riddle me this

Shawn Graham’s Cabinet is made up of something like six Ministers from Saint John (reflective of the election results).

Now, Al Hogan is writing story after story and now “We Say” demanding that the Premier fund a new convention centre in Moncton.

In the past three weeks, Al Hogan has run headlines trying to create a rift between Saint John and Moncton. This when local officials have been working hard to build a new, positive relationship between the two cities. Al Hogan sees it as his mission in life to create animosity between the two cities.

And now he demands the convention centre.

If Al Hogan had a shred of decency and if he was even marginally interested in the ‘economic health’ of Moncton, he would issue an apology for the nasty Saint John stories and comments and call for a new relationship based on trust and understanding.

I can tell you this. If I was one of those six Saint John Cabinet ministers with my copies of the T&T under my arm, I would be very reluctant to support anything in Moncton. And while the Premier has the final say, going against his Cabinet would be difficult.

Al Hogan is one of the main reasons why, I suspect, there is little appetite to fund a new convention centre in Moncton.

You reap what you sow, Al Hogan. Check that. Moncton reaps what you sow.

Moncton should be about partnership, leadership, vision. In Al Hogan’s world, Moncton is about pettiness (Saint John), envy (Halifax), distrust (tri-community) and parochial thinking (his stance towards City Hall).

And Al talks to 35,000 Monctonians a day.