A paradigm shift

I don’t like this term. I first ran across it in university reading Thomas Kuhn’s 1971 The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. In that book, Kuhn was trying to describe how science and scientists get into ‘paradigms’ or fundamental beliefs that no one questions on which all of their science is then predicated. Evolution, for example, would be a ‘paradigm’. Virtually all science done these days is based on the theory of evolution – although it is not proven. It is considered by scientists to be the most reasonable explanation for the origins of the universe. Therefore it is held constant and every scientific theory doesn’t have to revisit this question.

He used much more eloquent examples of Newtonism, the flat world, etc.

Anyway, as is the usual case, this term was popularized and now some people say there has been a ‘paradigm shift’ in when the mailman delivers my mail.

Don’t know why I got off on that tangent. Blogger’s perogative I guess.

The real thought of the day is this.

Al Hogan and the gang at the T&T spent seven years propping up Bernard Lord. This was self-evident and agreed by just about anyone that ever read the T&T.

When Lord quit, I just assumed we would get a long and windy “We Say” about how great he was for New Brunswick and how he fundamentally fixed every problem and how Nova Scotia should look to Lord for its vision (oops, Al already wrote that one).

So, I go to Canadaeast.com and click on Opinion expecting such as piece. What I read is an editorial on why Chris Collins would be the best choice for Lord’s old riding. Liberal Chris Collins.

Now, the I Luv Lord editorial from Al Hogan may still be coming but I am starting to think that he might be annoyed that his buddy left him.

Oh, back to the paradigm thing. It seems to me in the twisted mind of Al Hogan there must have been a mighty paradigm shift to going from savaging Saint Johners for not voting for Tory ‘Rootin’ for Hootin’ just a year ago to adovcating Liberal Chris Collins in Lord’s old riding now. From highly partisan Tory to Liberal greaser in one year.