You think Frank might play some role?

Frank McKenna, former New Brunswick Premier and Canadian Ambassador to the United States, will deliver the keynote address at a conference Wednesday Sept. 20 hosted by the city and TD Bank.

Deputy chair of the TD Bank Financial Group, McKenna will discuss ways in which Greater Sudbury can increase its future prosperity.

Now that the evil empire has passed from view in New Brunswick, do you think that Frank McKenna will use some of his sway to help attract some new industries to the province? Some have said that ‘Frank is in it for Frank’ but I don’t buy that.

I read somewhere that something like 60% of Fortune 500 CEOs have done something for their hometown.

Frank’s not a Fortune 500 CEO but he may as well be.

Let’s see, I can think of a few opportunities…..

A CanWest eastern production studio (how about an anti-Times & Transcript?)

A TD Bank financial services back office (hedge fund research, etc.)