Why that guy won the election

Here’s a thought. Why is it that everyone talks about ‘Shawn’ and ‘Lord’?

Almost without exception when the media or bloggers want to talk about either Shawn Graham or Bernard Lord and they want to use one name, it’s is always ‘Shawn’ and ‘Lord’.

Now, in a down home, rurally-based, country lovin’ simple folk place like New Brunswick, should our politicians be known by their first name or their last name (particularly when their last name is so presumptuous to begin with)?

I never heard anybody discuss this but I’m just a little curious.

I wonder why Chisholm and the other spin doctors that had ‘Lord’ droppin’ his ‘g’s and talkin’ like he’s frum Minto er some place thar would miss that. Maybe they should have positioned ‘Lord’ as Alpine swillin’, Dixie Lee lovin’ Bernard – or just plain Bernie?

I have a heightened sense of this issue because my wife is from Brazil. Down there if you are referenced in public by your first name, that is the highest sign of respect (like Ronaldo or Ronaldinho). When Bill Clinton was president, I was reading the local paper down there (or trying to) and I kept seeing the word ‘Hillary’. Just ‘Hillary’. I asked my wife who was that? She said Hillary Clinton. I said when the average Brazilian hears the name ‘Hillary’ they think of the American President’s wife?


So, back to the point. If we were votin’ for Bernie, would he have scraped enough votes to win?