Congratulations to the Liberals

Despite the desperate acts of Al Hogan, the Liberals are returning to power after seven years. There’s not much to say except congratulations to the victors.

As of this moment even old Gene Devereux is actually winning in my riding. I have to laugh a bit at this as I asked a couple of Francophone colleagues that live in my neighbourhood why Joan MacAlpine doesn’t canvass our area of the riding while old Gene was by the house twice. I was told that our area is for ‘Frenchies’ and crack heads. Well, if Gene’s for the Frenchies and the crack heads, he’s good enough for me.

As for tomorrow, have some champagne and then get busy. Here’s my advice from a few days ago.

I guess in the final analysis I was wrong again. I had suspected that New Brunswickers were happy with the status quo and not willing to vote for change.

For me the damning commentary on Premier Lord came a few weeks ago when the esteemed Don Desserud claimed that Lord was an ‘incrementalist’ rather than a visionary leader.

When you are New Brunswick – facing serious economic and demographic challenges – the like we haven’t faced before – you need more than incrementalism. You do need vision.

Is Shawn Graham the guy?

You just gave him a try.

And for the province’s sake, I hope he is.

To my old friend the Sorry Centrist, look at the bright side. Being in opposition gives you a heck of a lot more to blog on than being in government.

As for Al Hogan, I suspect he is sitting in his Hummer with a beat red face yelling at the ceiling at Monctonians who didn’t heed his psychotic commentaries. I heard bad news from someone earlier today. They told me the rumours of Al’s demise are premature. Al, it seems, has a protector in the Brunswick News family that will ensure he poisons Monctonians for at least two more years.

Expect Al to turn the venom he has saved over the last seven years for City Hall and the Federal Liberals on the Liberals in Fredericton. But I think he is losing credibility with the readers on a daily basis. People aren’t buying that garbage anymore.