CRA poll has Tories up by 7 points

This is bad news for the NB Liberals.

I wouldn’t trust a Bristol poll as far as I could throw it, but CRA’s stuff is usually bang on.

Remember 2003.

Anyway, the CRA poll shows that almost 6 out of 10 New Brunswickers are satisfied with the Lord government.

With every poll that goes by, I am more and more convinced that New Brunswickers just want their government to be seen and not heard. To not do anything substantitive and certainly don’t rock the boat.

I said facetiously in an earlier blog that the Tories actually like out-migration because the the ones that leave tend to be the disgruntled ones. There might just be some truth to that.

People must truly live in the moment. If any rational person looked at the trends both economic and social – they would undoubtedly throw out the government every four years.

We are dead last in Canada for health measurements
We are second last in Canada in education measurements
We have had 14 straight years of net out-migration
Our overall population is in decline for the first time since the Great Depression
Over 70% of the cities, towns and villages in New Brunswick are losing population
Our bedrock industries are in decline
We are facing the largest workforce challenge in the province’s history
We have never been more dependent on Equalization and Federal transfers
An Industry Canada study in the late 1990s concluded that not only did the Atl. Provinces have the worst standard of living in Canada but among all 60 U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

And 6 out of 10 of us are ‘satisfied’.

I may know a thing or two about economic development but it would seem I know jack when it comes to politics.

But it’s fun to watch, anyway.