Reflections on Canada Day

A quick and dirty post because it is challenging to write blogs from this South American venue.

A few reflections:

Canada’s a great country – cold weather notwithstanding. But when you think about it cold climate economies tend to be stronger than warm ones (i.e. Canada, much of the USA, the Nordic countries, etc.).

Our regional economic imbalances (you know the ones I rail about on a weekly basis) are not as bad as some other countries. France has unemployment of 25% in some rural communities and the GDP of the poorest states in Brazil is about 20% of Sao Paulo (New Brunswick is about 70% of Alberta’s GDP).

The generous Equalization and transfer system in Canada has smoothed out the economic and social imbalances somewhat but:

We need to realize that the fact New Brunswick has the least educated, the least fit, the most obese population can be tied to our economic challenges. We have got to build a stronger economy that not only keeps our best and brightest here but attracts top talent from across the country and beyond.

My brother in law was lamenting the fact that many of Brazil’s top research talent leaves to go do research in the US and Europe. I say the same for New Brunswick.

So while the politicians and editorialists (We Say) wax long and hard on Canada Day about everything except economic matters, I say as we look forward we need to put the economy front and centre.

Happy Canada Day.