On retirement and Al Hogan

The Times & Transcript is reporting this morning that Moncton is a great place for retirees.

In its May issue, the magazine for the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) lists Moncton among the Top 10 places to live for the over-50 set.

The list also includes Quebec City; Owen Sound, London, Kenora and Stratford in Ontario; and Port Moody and Vernon in British Columbia.

The magazine notes that Moncton is the geographic centre of the Maritimes, that nearly 40 per cent of the city’s residents are French-speaking, and that l’Universit√© de Moncton hosts art exhibits, and musical, film and theatre events. Other pluses include golf courses, walking and cycling trails, and Magic Mountain and Magnetic Hill Zoo for the grandchildren. The city also has several festivals, among them French films, and the Northrop Frye Literary Festival.

The city is served by two hospitals, housing is affordable, and even in January the average temperature is just -8 Celsius.

The magazine is distributed to 400,000 members of the Canadian Association of Retired People (CARP) and is read by over a million people.

I think this is a very neat designation – although I wouldn’t want to base an economic development strategy solely on retirees – but they do bring something to the table and are a welcome addition to the community.

Of course, Donald Savoie might have to change the name of his book from “Visiting Grandchildren” to “Visiting Grandparents” – but……

Then there is Al Hogan. This guy should get some kind of award. He wouldn’t say a controversial thing about the provincial government (in fact with any story that is negative regarding the provincial PCs he usually follows up with a resounding supportive editorial – consider Tanker Malley, Frank Branch, Saint John By-election as a few examples).

Now today he is hammering the municipal government – yet again. I am not sure he has put forward a constructive or supporting article/editorial about City Hall in years. Consider this:

Shediac Rd. plan city’s dumbest yet
We Say: Moncton’s planners have outdone themselves and topped a long string of bad decisions with the worst yet

I really think that we should move to a formal political party system at the municipal level. Moncton could elect Tory council members/mayor and get praise heaped on them for every decision.