Northrop rolling over in his grave

I just heard from someone associated with the Northrop Frye Festival that our good friend Al Hogan over at the Times & Transcript doesn’t seem to like the event. Apparently, he thinks its a bit too elite for his taste. So, we can expect almost no T&T coverage of what is most likely Moncton’s top festival of any kind.

Sending top writers into schools to excite and engage with kids about reading and writing in the most illiterate province in Canada.

Sound’s a bit to elite for me.

Although, my wife is constantly pointing out the large number of spelling and grammer errors in the T&T so possibly Al wants to keep things as dumb as possible around here.

If anybody has any insight into this, I would like to hear it. If this is true, Al Hogan has to be removed. It’s one thing to prop up a government. It’s one thing to slam and criticize everything City Hall does. But to ignore and be outright hostile towards one of the events that is helping to shape a cultural renaissance in Moncton – that is outside the bounds of any rational thinking.

I can’t believe the Irvings are supporting this guy. I am sorry, but I can’t. I realize he is towing the line and not mentioning the Irvings in any negative way – or any way really. Stories about the Irving’s are non-existent in the T&T.

But that should not justify having such a malcontent at the helm of the main English language newspaper in the region.

I don’t know. Can I be sued for this? Is it slander? I just continue to be overwhelmed by the actions of this newspaper editor. I think he represents a barrier to the future growth of Moncton. I really do. He purposely blinds people about the true state of the New Brunswick economy. He glosses over serious social and demographic trends in New Brunswick in favour of pulpy, good news stories. He hammers City Hall with reckless abandon. He picks and chooses what is/isn’t newsworthy based on his narrow ideological view of the world. The Northrop friggin’ Frye Festival is massive news and every Monctonian should be intimately aware of it and encouraged to join in.

Yee haw. Let the lawsuit commence.