On Pensions and Tanker

I was talking to an ex-MLA the other day and he expressed bewilderment with the fact that occassionally some irate constituent would call up and say that the MLA was only ‘in it for the pension’ or something to that effect.

Now I read that Tanker is ‘under pressure’ not to bring down the government because he might jeopardize his pension.

His pension.

So, that’s what it’s come to in this poor province. Politicians worrying about qualifying for their pension are driving the agenda. “I’ll lose my pension”.

I won’t make an overt value judgement about this except to say that pension protection should not be at the top of the priority list for an MLA. I’m sorry – maybe that’s because I don’t have a ‘pension’ either but we elect these people to run a $6 billion organization. We expect them to take the issues of government dead seriously.

If Tanker believes that bringing down the government is in the best interest of his constituents, he should make that vote. Period.

I’m not saying he does, however.