ACOA – whither art thou?

Check out Alec Bruce’s piece on the ACOA situation. He’s defending the agency. Guess what. So am I.

I am constantly amazed when westerners speak of their oil and gas as if they had poured it in the ground.

I am constantly amazed that most westerners will defend agriculture subsidies tooth and nail and then hammer ACOA. Agriculture, they pompously state, is subject to ‘forces beyond their control’ such as the weather and international competition.

Yeah, right. And the New Brunswick manufacturer has full control over the rise in the Canadian dollar or in the subsidy regimes of competitor locations.

The hypocrisy of this attitude is just plain silly.

ACOA must remain. But, if I were whispering in MacKay’s ear, it needs to have a much greater presence in international markets promoting both outside investment into Atl. Canada and this region’s product and service providers abroad.

Heck, he’s the minister of Foreign Affairs, n’est pas? Sounds like a one two combo.