Ontario – a contrast with New Brunswick

The Globe and Mail is reporting that Ontario is about to announce another $500 million incentive program to attract manufacturers to that province.

This on the heels of the $500 million program (matched by Ottawa) to attract auto manufacturers.

And I hear that Premier Lord’s ask of the Federal government of $1.5 billion to ‘accelerate prosperity’ has money in there to open up the Petitcodiac river.

Daulton wants to attract investment. Lord wants to fix the Petitcodiac. I also read that we will be accelerating prosperity by investing in more education, lowering taxes and building infrastructure.

While Ontario is out there attracting investment with billions in incentives and over 100 people selling the province in a dozen or so international offices.

I have nothing against the openign up of the Petitcodiac river. Get on with it.

But don’t call it accelerating prosperity. Call it, here’s a novel idea, opening up the Petitcodiac river.

If Lord wants to get in the prosperity game, he should follow Ontario’s lead. And Quebec’s. And Nova Scotia’s. And PEI’s. And BC’s. And Alabama. And Mississippi. And North Carolina.

But he hasn’t and he won’t. Savoie will groan. Campbell will yell. Lord will claim record employment growth. Nothing will change.

Bienvenue au New Brunswick.