Al Hogan – a cynical display of partisan politics

Every time I think that Al Hogan over at the Times & Transcript can never ever surprise me again – he does. Consider his “We Say” segment this week about the resignation of Brenda Fowlie.

Some of his quotes include:

“…the real issue has been lost and ignored in this entire, highly partisan effort to embarrass the government.”

“….considerable hypocrisy in the Liberal attack”

“The Opposition has got its figurative pound of flesh”

“…just a cynical display of partisan politics.”

Now, consider another scenario for a minute. Let’s say that Fowlie picked up a gun, walked up to somebody and shot them (hypothically of course). Would Al’s “We Say” determine that the Opposition attempts to bring Ms. Fowlie to justice are just a cynical display of partisan politics meant to embarras the government?

Fowlie broke the law. If the Opposition hadn’t raised the issue who would? The media? Al Hogan? Give me a break. It’s a sad day indeed when elected officials can break the law – in a very serious way – and the editor of the largest newspaper in New Brunswick by circulation – turns it into a cynical display of partisan politics meant to embarras the Opposition.

Shame on Al Hogan for trivializing such an important matter. Shame on him for showing such a ‘cynical display’ of his own partisan politics. Shame on him for using his platform to project such a mind-numbing influence on the people of New Brunswick.

Somebody recently said to me they are glad they live in a country where guys like Al Hogan are able to say what they like without fear of reprisal (the whole free speech thing).

I would like to live in a country where newspaper editors are not in bed with the ruling party. Where newspapers and journalists as individuals are a positive influence on society challenging what needs to be challenged, supporting what should be supported – acting as a moderating force in society – helping us see the issues through a wide lense.