Welfare rates in New Brunswick

Just a quick blog today. I believe that social programs such as welfare are a necessary part of society. They should be a safety net for folks that fall through the cracks. I truly believe that how we treat the poorest in our communities is a reflection of who we are as a society.


I also believe that high welfare rates (as high EI usage) is a sign of the weakness of the economy. Check out the following chart. It comes from a new report on welfare in Canada. New Brunswick has the third highest welfare rate in North America.

Combine that with the third highest rate of seasonal EI and you have a double whammy.

Welcome to Premier Lord’s version of Prosperity. Hey, that’s not a dig. He said in January that the Prosperity Plan was working..

Welfare Rates as a
% of the Population (2003)

Source: The Fraser Institute

Ebb amd flow, ebb and flow….